TEDx YoungCirclePark 2019

Hollywood, FL

Partnership and the Value of Interpersonal Conflict

Setting a Context for Leadership Training

Part of a full day leadership program for Leadership Hollywood Class 42 (Oct, 2017)

Conflict Resolution for Educators and Leaders

Clip from a professional development workshop for educational leaders at American Heritage School in Delray Beach, FL (Dec, 2015)

Portion of an interview with a leadership development client on the question of who is best served in experiential-based training and what is the real value are they able to create? (June 2011)

Introduction to the 4D Relationship Model™

Part of a full day leadership program for Leadership Hollywood Class 42 (Oct, 2017)

Introduction to the Personality Matrix: Knowing Thyself & Others

Leadership Hollywood Class 39 (Nov, 2014)

PODCAST INTERVIEW on coaching success radio

Link to Coaching Success Radio on pod

Hear about the 4D Transformative Coaching Certification program and how it  benefits professionals from any industry at every level of leadership. 

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